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Rupin Pass Trek the most popular  trek in the Himalayas

Rupin Pass Trek is a India’s most popular trek Connecting Uttarakhand to Himachal Sangla Village Altitude is 4,650 Meters – 15,260 ft.) , which starts from Dhaula camp in Uttarakhand and ends up at Sangla in Himachal Pradesh crossing Uttarakhand near Kinnaur valley , this route is also used by shepherds. There are different magnificent views and sceneries at every km and at every turn it is a journey full of surprises and thrills.

Rupin pass Trek is an Enthralling valley in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarkashi district in Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh India, this trek come under Govind Wildlife Sanctuary National park. No doubt, the Himalayas have enchanting beauty, bracing climate, and desirable soothing green meadow. So, what else can be better than spending some days here in the serenity?

A story of Rupin Pass that makes this trek Memorable

The Rupin Pass Trek Pass is a high altitude pass across the Himalayan mountain range in the Indian state of Uttarakhand to Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on a traditional cowboy and hiking trail that starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends at Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. The path itself is located in most of the uninhabited areas in the Himalayan ranges. In ancient times, people used this route for commuting and trading and also for grazing sheep and goats.

Rupin Pass Trek Campsite is one of the special campsites in the Himalayas today and is surrounded by beautiful snow peaks. The Rupin Pass Valley Trek makes for a spectacular trek in virgin snow, with scenic campsites and surprisingly wide clearings in forests.

Rupin Pass is rated as a moderate-tough trek. You trek an average of 5-6 hours 09 km per day. You have to be well prepared to be able to cover this distance with ease. Terrain is another factor that determines difficulty. The trails are not very well defined in many sections. Climbing and descending on slippery soil, rough and hard snow is a part of the trek. to climb. The steep climb from Upper Falls and Alley to Rupin Pass at 15,260 feet requires very good cardio or lung power. While The Hidden Himalaya trek leader and more team help you tackle the difficult slippery sections, you need to be a confident and independent trekker to undertake this trek. Here’s how you can prepare and get fit for the trek.

What is Dhaula base camp in Rupin Pass Trek?

Dhaula is situated near the Rupin River bank. Dhaula is a beautiful camp site. The beauty of this place captivates everyone. Due to the flow of the Rupin River this place looks more beautiful.

It seems that beautiful Mountains are welcoming us. On the way of Dhaula you will see beautiful views like pine forest, rivers, mountains, flora and fauna.

In Dhaula you feel the sunrise over a wide open field, morning rain glistering on forests trees.

After reaching the Dhaula camp site you will enjoy the tea or snacks.

In olden time’s people of Sewa, Jakha, Dodra- Kwar villagers used this route to bring luggage.

Why do Rupin Pass Trek from Dhaula ?

Dhaula Rupin Pass is the oldest trek route of the trek, which The Hidden Himalaya have always been following, today all the companies have changed their trek route, but which is the oldest truck route, it goes through Dhaula, Camping near Rupin River in Dhaula and spending a night here is a special experience for trekkers

Witness the Dynamic sceneries of Rupin Pass

The changing trails and jungle walk would be relieving, this place will give you magnificent views, many unexplored places andview of beautiful Rupin River.

You will go through dense forests to snow glaciers from small water streams to frozen waterfalls and here you can find immense variety of nature which will make you admire and fall in love with it.

Rupin pass trek is a bit difficult but the views are extremely mesmerizing and beautiful.

Why to choose Rupin Pass Trek

Before heading towards the itinerary, it is really essential to perceive the reason behind choosing Rupin pass trek.

See firstly, the trekking distance is a total of by taxi 109 Km and on foot 64 km which is to be covered into 8 days. . Dehradun to via Dhaula Sewa, jakha to Sangla

Rupin pass trek is a high altitude mountain trek Altitudes is 4650 Meters

The Starting trail is moderate as compare to other treks this is difficult trek. So this trek is not for beginners

Need proper gear & clothing for sub-zero temperature?

You got to see so many heavenly bodies at one place like the panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges, you can see pine forests, different variety of flora and fauna surpassing through bona fide Garhwali and himachali , Kinnauri heritage and culture.

I think Do spare time in Interaction with our local’s team, and you will get to know about some of the ancient tales of Indian mythology and our local cultures, this is good ideas for trekkers

Beautiful landscapes so carry proper photo gear & Extra battery backup.

The backpack should not exceed 10 to 12 kg only

Rupin Pass safe for me ?

Rupin Pass Trek is a safe trek if you are going with a good trekking team which you must know before booking yourself, It is important for you to know that the bow trekking organization with which we are going is right or not,

And if possible, trek with local trekking organization, you can do the same help all the time. then your trek can be very good and memorable

The minimum age required to trek Rupin Pass is 15 years and maximum 55 years. The rest depends on your fitness.

What should you keep in mind for the Rupin Pass trek?

Rupin Pass trek   is as good as it is said, you also need to be prepared., Rupin Pass trek   is a   moderate or Difficult trek which starts from Dhaula Camp  and ends after trek  Sangla Village

So what are the special things to keep in mind before coming on this trek?

Rupin Pass trek  is one such trek, which you can do this  trek May to Last week of October, this is very safe trek in Uttarakhand Himalayas

Summer Season

  1. Summer trek to Rupin Pass trek is very special, the view and the temperature are all favorable to you
  2. For summer trek, you have to bring only normal clothes, so that your trek can be good, there is no need for hot clothes, but in hiking it is also necessary to bring all the equipment which is necessary for you.
  3. It is necessary to have 3 pairs of clothes from trekking, especially the poncho, you will have to bring every season
  4. In the summer season, the temperature is always normal, so there is no need for hot clothes.
  5. Morning evening and nights are cold in Rupin pass trek, so it is necessary to carry some warm clothes, good jacket, warm thermal, this will help you and stay comfortably in the high altitude camp

 Monsoon Season

  1. If you don’t do the Rupin Pass trek in monsoon, it would be better if there is a trek here in the monsoon season but the view will be very useful.
  2. . Before going on Rupin Pass trek, it will be easy for you to take information related to each season.
  3. Trekkers need to know about these, you can ask us anytime like, Rupin Pass trek route, trek map, temperature, weather condition, difficulty level, trek starting point, end point, transport, view of the trek, best time to visit, How to reach Rupin pass trek, Rupin Pass distance etc, Trek Location, keep this information before going

Winter  Season

  1. Rupin pass is not in winter trek , the right time to do this trek is from 1st week of May to last week of October
  2. It snows around 6 to 8 feet in the winter season and it can be very risky to go here
  3. We have special treks for you for winters that are safe and beautiful

Such as – Kedarkantha Trek, Harkidoon Trek, Dayara Bugyal Trek, Kuari Pass Trek, Brahmatal Trek, Dodital Trek, Vijay Top Trek, Nag Tibba Trek and many more.

Altitude we are going to cover in Rupin Pass Trek

Dhaula camp – 5100 ft

Sewa village – 6300 ft

Jiskun/ Jhaka Village – 7700 ft

Udaknal camp – 10,100 ft

Dhanteras Thach camp – 11,700 ft

Upper water fall camp – 13,100 feet

Rupin pass Summit – 15,260 ft – 4650 Meters

Ronti Gad camp – 13,100 ft

Key Points Rupin Pass Trek

Duration: – 7 Nights 8 Days from Dehradun to Sangala Village

Base camp: – Dhaula camp

Summer Temperature:- Day 5°C to 12°C) Night – 2° C to – 5° C

Rupin pass Altitude: – 4650 Meters

Best Time: – May, June, September, October

Trek Level: – Moderate or Difficult

Trek distance: – On foot 62 Km – By taxi 209 km

Group Size: – minimum 5 people maximum 15 people

Short Itinerary Rupin pass Trek

Day 1:Pickup to you from Dehradun railway station drive to Dhaula camp (210 km) (8/9 Hours) (5,067) feet)

Day 2:Trek from Dhaula camp to Sewa village (7.8 km) (5/6 Hours) (6,295 feet)

Day 3:Trek from Sewa village to Jiskun / Jhaka village (09.2 km) (5/6 Hours) (7,700 feet)

Day 4:Trek from Jhaka village to Udaknal camp (9.8 km) (6/7 Hours) (10,090 feet)

Day 5:Trek from Udaknal camp to Dhandaras thatch camp (8.2km) (4/5 Hours) (11,710 feet) hours)

Day 6:Trek from Dhandaras thatch camp (4 km) (2/3 Hours) ((13,112 feet)

Day 7: Trek from camp to Rupin Pass summit (15,260 feet) via Rati Pheri and Ronti Gad (13,112 feet) (13 Km) (10-11hours)

Day 8: Trek Ronti Gad camp to Sangla road head (11 km) (5/6 Hours) (8,600 feet) via Sangla Kanda


  • Porters
  • Forest Permit and entrance fee
  • Accommodation in Hotel on twin share basis
  • All meals: breakfast, packed lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soup and Dinner
  • Good Experience Local Trek Leader guide and Technical guide
  • Medical Kit
  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Personal Insurance
  • Medical Certificate
  • Personal toiletry Items
  • Personal Medicine kit

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