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History of the Char Dhams


Char Dham is considered a symbol of Hindu religion. Uttarakhand Char Dham Yatra is also called Chhoti Char Dham Yatra. Although this journey used to be done on foot, but in this era, some stages of this journey are completed by cart and horse.  Our journey starts from Haridwar.  After taking a bath in Maa Ganga Gym here, we leave for our first Dham Yamunotri.

It takes us two days to reach Yamunotri, on the first day from Haridwar to Barkot and on the second day from Barkot we ask for Janaki Chatti from where our 6 kilometre walk.  The journey starts, after a walk of 6 kilometres, we reach the sacred courtyard of Mother Yamuna Ji. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna Ji, which is situated on top of a bunch of Bandar Pooch mountain. On the same day, from here we again trek to Janaki Chatti.  Let's reach.  And back to Barkot we come for night rest and next day we leave for Harsil which is a very good place for tourists.  After staying for one night every year, we reach Gangotri Dham which is 100 kilometres away from Uttarkashi. 

Gomukh is the origin place of river Bhagirathi. This is the holy place where the river Bhagirathi descended. Yamunotri Dham is situated in the inner region of the Himalayas from where the holy river Ganga descends on earth for the first time. After coming from Gangotri on the same day, visit Gangotri for darshan.  After we reach Uttarkashi, after a one night rest in Uttarkashi, the second day journey is from Uttarkashi to Sonprayag. On this day we travel the whole day. After one night's rest in Sonprayag, on the second day, 18 km trek from Sonprayag towards Kedarnath.  Sonpur is also called the gate of Kedarnath. After reaching Kedarnath, the Aarti of Lord Shiva starts here which lasts from around 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Kedarnath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva as per the scriptures. 

After the war of Mahabharata, Pandavas went to Kashi city of Banaras to seek forgiveness from Lord Shiva for their sins.  Although Lord Shiva had come to know about the arrival of Pandavas earlier, Lord Shiva got angry due to the sins committed by Pandavas like killing Brahma and cow and went away from there. Pandavas searched for Lord Shiva everywhere in the city of Kashi but could not find him there. 

After the Pandavas started moving towards the Himalayan Garhwal region, they went to search in the Himalayan region of Rudraprayag district in the Garhwal region where Lord Shiva had gone but Lord Shiva came to know about the arrival of the Pandavas there also, then Lord Shiva saw the bulls in the grass field.  Saw grazing.  And Lord Shiva also took the form of a vine so that Pandavas could recognize him but Bhima had one thing in his mind that Lord Shiva has to be found in some condition or the other, that is why he took his big form like Himalaya and thought this.  That all the bulls that are there will pass under our feet but if Lord Shiva is there then he will never do this and it was something like this when Lord Shiva was about to pass under the feet of Bhima that Lord Shiva started sinking into the earth then Bhima  Got hold of Lord Shiva's tail and found Shiva and there Lord Shiva granted forgiveness to Pandavas, that is why Kedarnath temple was established and the mouth part is located in Nepal from Pashupatinath.

After staying for one night in Kedarnath, we leave for Sonprayag on the next day.  Departure to Chopta and next day we leave for Sonprayag Chopta on the next day. And the next day depart for Badrinath Dham. Badrinath Dham is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is situated on the banks of river Alaknanda. It is said that by coming here, all the sins of life are freed. This place is also called the gate of all. Thus the history of the four Dhams of Uttarakhand is linked.


Beliefs for Char Dham Yatra

Devbhumi Char Dham Yatra Uttarakhand is done in a sequence from west to east-

  •  Yamunotri
  •  Gangotri
  •  Kedarnath
  •  Badrinath


Yamunotri Dham is said to provide all the siddhis.  It is mentioned in the Puranas that Yamuna is also one of the favourite queens of Lord Shri Krishna. Yamuna's brother Shanidev's very ancient temple is in Kharsali which is situated in the Yamuna Valley of Uttarkashi.  The temple of Jamuna Devi is situated on a grove of Bandar Pooch.  This temple is dedicated to Mother Yamunotri


Gangotri Dham is located in Gangotri valley, 100 kilometres away from Uttarkashi. This temple is dedicated to Mother Ganga. The Gomukh river originating from here passes near this temple. It is said that for the first time in this area, Mother Ganga descends on earth, which further  Jakar is famous for the name of Bhagirathi river which meets Alaknanda in Devprayag, from here it is called Mother Ganga.


Kedarnath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva because after the war between Pandavas and Kauravas, the Pandavas had committed the sin of killing a Brahmin cow in the war. To seek forgiveness for this sin, Lord Shri Krishna told the Pandavas to pray to Lord Shiva to absolve them of this sin.  Pandavas decided to meet Lord Shiva but Lord Shiva already got the news of this decision. Pandavas then reached Kashi city Banaras to meet Lord Shiva but Lord Shiva had already gone to the Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Even after searching a lot in Kashi city, Lord Shiva was not found there. After this, Pandavas also went to search for Lord Shiva in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Here Lord Shiva started hiding in the grass field in the form of a bull, even then Bhima took a big form like the Himalayas.  It was decided that all the bulls should pass under my feet, but when all the bulls started passing under my feet, then Lord Shankar started disappearing into the earth, then Bhima caught hold of the tail part of Lord Shiva, which is dedicated in the name of Kedarnath.


Badrinath Dham is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This pilgrimage is one of the four major religions of Hindus. This holy place is famous for the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Tapo Bhoomi of Narayan. According to the old scriptures, it is said that the person who visits Lord Badri Narayan does not have to be born again from the mother's womb. That person becomes free from the cycle of death and life, that is why people go to Badrinath for the darshan of Lord Badrinarayan. This temple is situated on the banks of the Alaknanda River.

Best Time to do Char Dham Yatra

 The perfect time to go on this Yatra is from May to July and september to october why become  one month august is uttarakhand side very heavy rainfall this is a best time of chardham yatra.  


The routes get blocked and the idols shifted to the pilgrim sites which are nearby.

Char Dham Yatra Cost: Per person 25999/- from Haridwar to Haridwar

Short Itinerary of Char Dham Yatra

Day 1 – Haridwar to Janki Chatti (239 km) (8/9 hours) Overnight stay Hotel

Day 2 – Janki Chatti to Yamunotri and back (5 km) (3/4 hours) Overnight stay Hotel

Day 3 – Janki Chatti to Gangotri (222 Metre) (7/8 hours) Overnight stay Hotel Uttarkashi

Day 4 – Uttarkashi to Sonprayag ,fhata, (228 km) (8/9 hours) Overnight stay Hotel

Day 5 - Sonprayag to Gaurikund (5.2 km) and Kedarnath dham Trek (16.5 km) ( 7/8 Hours) Overnight stay Hotel

Day 6 - Rest day kedarnath

Day 7 –kedarnath to Sonprayag by Trek (16.5km) (5.2 km) Drive and Gopeshwar, mandal (112km) (4/5 Hours) Overnight stay Hotel

Day 8 –Gopeshwar,Mandal to Badrinath (98 km) (4/5 Hours) Overnight stay Hotel

Day 9 – visit Badrinath pandukeshwar

Day 10 -Badrinath to Haridwar (315 km) (9/10 Hours) Railway station drop group


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    It’s a good experience with the team. The entire trip was good. We enjoyed the cold weather, snow hills, streams, rivers and the nature there a lot..ofcourse temples and treck too. It’s a great experience.

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