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Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is a mountain peak of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. Its elevation is 12,500 ft. Kedarkantha Trek is located within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district. A trek to the peak of Kedarkantha Trek usually starts from Sankri, a small village, and takes four days to complete. Kedarkantha is the highest trek in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. Along with seeing the beautiful valleys around Kedarkanth, you can also see sunrise and sunset here. Kedarkanth is considered to be the best track to trek in winters.

Kedarkantha History

Kedarkantha is called “the throat of Lord Shiva”. It is said that there are many stories behind this. Kedarkanth is also known as Bal-Kedar and according to local people it was believed to be the site of Kedarnath. It is said that when Shiva in his bull incarnation was wandering in Kedarkantha to hide from the Pandavas, the local residents disturbed his peace. Because of which he had gone towards Kedarnath. The villagers of Sankri believe that Lord Shiva's trident installed in Kedarkanth protects them and does not allow the Himalayan Rivers to dry up.

Kedarkanth Bird Watching and Animals

The perfect spot for bird-watching - with Himalayan birds like Monal, three to four species of Woodpeckers, Rose finks, House martin & sparrows found everywhere in the region. Almost always covered in snow, the dense forests of maple, oak, and rhododendron offer a vast array of fauna in the region. Kedarkantha Trek is an exciting trek where you can enjoy wild animals. It is the perfect spot for bird-watching - with Himalayan birds like Monal, three to four species of Woodpeckers, Rose finks, House martin & sparrows found everywhere in the region. Almost always covered in snow, the dense forests of maple, oak, and rhododendron offer a vast array of fauna in the region and you may find animals like Languor, Leopards, Black bear, and Himalayan Thar.

Mountain ranges visible from Kedarkantha

The Kedarkantha peak offers unforgettable views of some of the Himalayan mountain ranges. Out of the mountain ranges visible from Kedarkantha, Swargarohini 1, Swargarohini 2, Swargarohini 3, Swargarohini 4, Kala Nag (Black Peak), Har Ki Doon, Gangotri, Yamunotri and Bandarpoonch etc. are mainly visible.

The Kedarkantha trek passes through the Cedar forests of Govind National Park. In the Kedarkanth trek, you will find lush green meadows, snow-covered paths, charming villages, fragrant deodar forests, sky-high peaks, calm rivers.

Why you should go for Kedarkantha Trek

 Almost all the tourists who come to Kedarkantha peak like to see the sunrise here very much. Along with this the unforgettable scenes seen during the track.

This is the reason why the Kedakantha trek is also called the “Winter Best Trek”. As a white sheet of snow, it seems that you are riding to heaven.

Everyone wants peace and joy for some time so that they can do better work by energizing themselves.

Kedarkantha Mountains Range are Highly Photogenic.

Kedarkantha Trek lies in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It starts from a  traditional village of Sour – Sankri which is in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary national park. Sour village is quite beautiful with snow covered mountains and the sparkling tons river flowing through it. If you visit it once, then no doubt you will definitely visit here again. The charm is the most beautiful thing about this place.  the Sankri is a delightful place set apart by the mountains and chilly climate & Weather. Houses  made of wood look very beautiful and adorable. In sour village  there are  various  conventions, fairs , and rituals. the people of the village wear traditional costumes and cook traditional food. Folk dances( Naati, raas, and taandi) of the area are a part  for amusement and entertainment.

This trek can be seen in the beauty of the Himalayas. The altitude of the Kedarkantha trek is 3800 meters. one unique thing is about Kedarkantha trek ,is that Kedarkantha is a triangle-shaped mountain. Which makes this trek more exploring.  A huge fair is organized every year   on 15 June in Kedarkantha  . Here Shiva and Ganesha are worshiped, which is spoken in the local language  Meru Bagwan!

Kedarkantha is a place of faith for us, where we worship Lord Shiva and Ganesha every year.

Every year a fair is organized in Kedarkantha, and people from every village come here to see a fair, this fair is held on 15th June.

These are a special moment when people celebrate this festival together with local music and drums.

The view from the Kedarkantha Summit

The quite unique  thing about the Kedarkantha trek is that from here also the most beautiful mountain range of Himalayas is seen. Which are Swargarohini Peak -I. II.III (6300 meters), Black Peak (6387 meters), Bandarpunch Peak (6300 meters) and all the mountains are seen from here like Rupin pass range, Supin range, Khimloga Peak, Baraadsar Lake range, Vishkhopri range, Ranglana Peak 5800 meters, etc.

From here, the view of all the treks is easily visible from Har Ki Dun Valley and Ruinsara Valley Bali Pass, Borasu Pass, Sarutal, Fachu Kandi Pass Trek. You can view all the treks from a single trek.

Age Limit for Kedarkantha

  • My personal belief is that people can do this trek from a minimum of 5 years to 60 years.
  • But it is necessary to be fit to do this trek
  • And you can do this trek in the year; these are the plan for both summer and winter,
  • For Winter Trek, I think it is necessary for people from 10 years to 55 years
  • This trek will be a relief and joy for the first time visitors. This trek will increase new energy and confidence in you
  • You can do Kedarkantha trek in 05 nights and 06 days. from Dehradun to Dehradun
  • And if anyone has less time, then people can do this trek in 04 nights 05 days, from Dehradun to Dehradun

Come know about the camp of Kedarkantha

The meaning of pond is like a bunch of hair. These are seen in summer when there is no snow here. Winter, I do not see it because the snow is covered with pure The Juda ka Talab is an incredible  camp, where there are dense forests and the beautiful Bugyal in the center, so this is considered a camp. Kedarkantha Base Camp is a beautiful Bugyal. From where you can see the starting Kedarkantha Peak, Kedarkantha Base Camp is in an open ground. Kedarkantha Base Camp is a big campsite in this trek, From here you start to see views of the entire Himalayas. It is very nice to spend the night here.

Is it safe trek for me ?

Yes the Kedarkanhta trek is very safe. All our professional strive our best to provide trekkers with the best experience possible.

Kedarkantha Trek is our village’s local trek, which we have been doing for years, here the trek was first done by The Hidden Himalaya in 2003 to the children of Woodstock School, Mussoorie, since then it has become very popular here. for winter season,

Difficulty level

Kedarkantha is a very beautiful winter trek and an uphill trek in the uttarakhand Himalayas, The Kedarkanhta Trek is great for those people who have a great passion for mountaineering and consider it a special purpose in their life.

Despite the fact that the top is relatively low in elevation, we recommend physical endurance and a strong fitness record. All groups will be guided by our pros for trekking equipment and impending terrain during the course. We strongly urge beginner trekkers to attempt the Kedarkanhta summit due to its modest difficulty.

What should you keep in mind for the winter trek to Kedarkantha ?

Kedarkantha trek is as good as it is said, you also need to be prepared., Kedarkantha trek is a moderate trek which starts from Sankri and ends at,

So what are the special things to keep in mind before coming on this trek?

Winter Season

1.  In Kedarkantha Trek Winter Trek, you will need warm clothes a lot, for which you will need proper good uniform clothes

2. Winters are always cold, so only warm clothes can keep you safe on kedarkantha trek

3. Always take the information from the company with which you are booking the trek before going on the trek, what do we need to bring

4.  In the winter season, the temperature always drops day by day , so warm clothes will help you a lot.

Summer Season

1. Summer trek to Kedarkantha is very special, the view and the temperature are all favorable to you

2. For summer trek, you have to bring only normal clothes, so that your trek can be good, there is no need for hot clothes, but in hiking it is also necessary to bring all the equipment which is necessary for you.

3. It is necessary to have 3 pairs of clothes from trekking, especially the poncho, you will have to bring every season

4. In the summer season, the temperature is always normal, so there is no need for hot clothes.

Monsoon Season

1. During the monsoon season, it rains occasionally during the Kedarkantha trek, especially in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, so if you have dry clothes here, it is very good, even when wet, it dries quickly.

2. At this time you have to bring at least 4 pairs of clothes, for monsoon trek you do not have to bring too warm clothes, at this time you, hiking pants and t-Sart, I can trek

3. It’s only a little cold in the morning and evening and the day is a good temperature for you

4. Before going on any trek, it will be easy for you to take information related to each season.

5. Trekkers need to know about these, you can ask us anytime like, Trek route, trek map, temperature, weather condition, difficulty level, trek starting point, end point, transport, view of the trek, best time to visit, How to reach kedarkantha, trek distance, Location etc, keep this information before going

The Altittude we are  are going to Cover in Kedarkantha 

Sankri Base -Altitude – 1920 m

Juda Ka Talab- Altitude -2700 m

Kedarkantha base camp- Altitude -3200 m

Kedarkantha summit- Altitude -3800 m

Hargaon thach- Altitude (2645 m

Key Points of Kedarkantha trek

Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days from Dehradun to Dehradun

Kedarkantha Trek Cost : Rs. 7,999.00 Per Person including all costs of the trek from Dehradun to Dehradun

 Summer Temperature:-  Day 5°C to 15°C  and Night 2° C to 5° C

 Winter Temperature:-  Day -2°C to -5° C and Night -5°C to -10°C

Altitude:  – 12,500 feet

Kedarkanhta Weather Conditions – Kedarkantha is one such trek which can be done throughout the year, Here the weather changes every month, But where the weather is very nice and favorable during the day, the night or morning  is also cold according to the time.

Best Time: All year (summer or winter)

Trek Level: Moderate

Trek distance: On foot 23 Km – By taxi 420 km

Group Size: – We will have a minimum group size of 5 people and a maximum of 30 people, if someone has to be private for their group, then you will be given a full date.

Short Itinerary of Kedarkantha Trek

Day 1- Pick up to you from Dehradun railway station 07:15am- drive to sankri market -192km (8/9hours (1920meters)
Overnight in home stay sankri village

Day 2- Trek from sankri to juda ka talab ( 04km) (4/5hours) ( 2692meters) night stay in campsite

Day 3- Trek from juda ka talab to kedarkantha base came Trek (3.6km)(3/4hours) 3190meters) stay in campsite

Day 4- Trek from kedarkantha base camp to kedarkantha summit (12500feet) 3800 meters back to juda ka talab (8.5km)( 5/6 hours) (2700meters)

Day 5- Trek from juda ka talab to sankri base camp (5km) (4/5hours)( 1920meters)
Stay in home stay sankri

Day 6- drive from sankri to Dehradun by taxi (192km) (8/9hours) drop evening (6:15 something) Dehradun railway station


  •  Transport
  • Forest Permit and entrance fee
  •  Accommodation in Hotel Sankri
  •  Accommodation in tents on twin share basis
  •  All meals: breakfast, packed lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soup and dinner
  •  High quality tents
  •  Sleeping bags
  •  Mattress
  •  Liner
  •  Pillow
  •  Separate Toilet tents – Ladies and Gents
  •  Dining Tent
  •  Dining Table
  •  Porters
  •  Helper
  •  Mules
  •  Kitchen team
  •  Radio Walkie Talkie for Communicatio
  •  Medical Kit
  •  Oxygen Cylinders
  •  Crampons and Gaiters
  • Personal Insurance
  •  Medical Certificate
  •  Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit
  •  On first day En Route to base camp the Breakfast and Lunch are Not Included
  •  Last Day En Route Lunch and Dinner are Not Included

Tour Amenities

Accepts Credit Cards
Car Parking
Free Coupons
Laundry service
Outdoor Seating
Smoking Allowed
Wireless Internet

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